It’s often said that the only thing constant about our industry is the pace of change. Over the past few years we’ve witnessed the move from hardware to services, and then from services to X-as-a-service, cloud computing, the rise of mobile and inevitable decline of desktop, to name but a few.

Throughout these changes the distribution channel – like resellers, ISVs and vendors – has had to continually evolve not just to keep up, but to be able to take advantage of them in order to survive the economic climate we’ve had to confront since Lehman Brothers and the financial crisis.

And change we have, adapting our business models, our business and marketing strategies and the way we work with our partners. These changes have been felt globally, but the challenges and consequences vary depending on the maturity and state of both local and regional markets.

In Italy for example, distribution plays a major role in leasing and financing, whereas in Spain the AV sector is rallying the channel. In the UK, cloud is still dominating distributor minds and how to help and encourage VARs to manage finances in a recurring revenue model is still a major challenge. In Asia cloud technology is just taking off, while over in the US, consolidation has been rife and distributors are even starting to acquire ISVs to develop their own cloud platforms.

These differences are why our industry needs the Technology Channel Alliance (TCA). Our aim is to provide a more localised forum for best practice, information and ideas sharing, as well as driving vendor discussions and tackling industry issues. We will be providing members with regional knowledge, localised case studies, as well as specific research in EMEA that they can use to put business cases together or help their partners to do so.

We want to create an EMEA-wide community of distributors that can work together for the benefit of us all, ensuring vendors and VARs are part of our discussions. We want to share information on the latest trends and how we can maximise opportunities working together to drive more business through the doors of distribution. We understand our colleagues in the US, Asia and elsewhere have similar organisations and that is why we felt compelled to starting the TCA in EMEA.

We are already creating content and media awareness of the TCA and the high aims we have, and we are now actively recruiting new members who want to sign up to our charter and have access to our information. Networking will also be a huge part of what we do, from roundtables on key industry topics to more informal events; we want to ensure we give our members the best opportunities for discussion.

It is only through having a more localised approach, and an understanding of the pain points we all share across the region that we can hope to overcome some of the challenges we all face in EMEA.

Join the TCA now.