We have just released our white paper on the future of distribution, in which we discuss the raft of new technologies heading our way. And, while the analysts we interviewed cautioned distributors not to take their eye off the day-to-day ball (as if we would!), the innovation coming through could be game changing. Which, for the world of distribution, cements our place in the supply chain.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR) and deep analytics from big data are piquing the interest of businesses already. And, while we’ve yet to see any major adoption, this will only be a matter of time. The vendors are already launching products – CES was awash with VR this year – and as Apple has demonstrated, consumer desire often translates into business requirement.

Vendors need to reach new markets with this technology. For example, with VR devices such as Oculus Rift, there are myriad applications that are way beyond just a consumer element, and this could also be a huge opportunity for distribution. On the commercial side, from healthcare to education, car sales to real estate, the possibilities of VR in a business-to-business setting are endless, as indeed the vendors are aware.

And that is where localised distribution can add value and provide the support that vendors need in order to help this range of innovative technology gain traction. As regional players, focused on the key channels in each market, we understand our VARs, we know the specialist retailers and e-tailers that are going to understand the right audience for this technology, and we know how to help those resellers sell it.

By joining together under a united organisation such as the Technology Channels Alliance (TCA) we can ensure that our voice, together, is heard. With our ability to reach new markets for new technology, we can ensure vendors understand the requirements for our regions, and support us and our resellers in the most effective way. Working together, we can develop new sales techniques, new services to wrap around and new marketing activities to help our reseller customers sell this new technology.

But, this isn’t just about vendor support. This is also about reassurance for our customers. Being a member of the TCA should give a reseller confidence that we are their regional distributor, we understand their sector, market and region, and that we treat each VAR as an individual, not just another sale. The TCA membership is a sign of quality – a sign that we will help them to find the right solution for their customer, whether that’s desktops today or VR tomorrow.

Niall Ennis
Divisional Managing Director, DCC