About the TCA

The Technology Channels Alliance (TCA) has been created to define and promote the role of wholesale distribution as part of the end-to-end technology channel in EMEA. Its primary objective is to ensure that technology vendors understand and make full use of the benefits of working with local and regional channel partners across EMEA.

Founder member, Niall Ennis, CEO of Exertis: “Regional players are a hugely important part of the technology channel in EMEA and provide a focus and range of services tailored to each of the countries in which they operate.”

The TCA will also be enablers and advocates of new technology to ensure channels in EMEA are educated and optimised to deliver on the promises new technology makes. This will include events, research and case studies to help our members work more closely with vendors and other channel partners to address industry issues and opportunities.

Founder member, Alessandro Cattani, Esprinet: “We have an ambition to create what we call a ‘chain of knowledge’ all the way from vendors through the channel to end users. Amongst other things, we will be publishing several case studies a year that will highlight issues of common interest in the region.”

The TCA will also establish a social charter and will be setting aside a portion of its member dues to establish a charitable foundation with a mission to get technology to those without the means to acquire it and enable a wider population to benefit from today’s technology.

Founder member Joe Hemani, CEO of Westcoast: “Technology sales channels today are very good at getting products and services out to those who can afford to pay; what we want to do is give those without the means an opportunity to acquire technology that can change and better their lives.”

Membership of the new organisation is open to technology distributors whose head office is registered within EMEA. There will also be an opportunity for corporate resellers and retailers to join as associate members and for distributors with headquarters outside of EMEA to join as affiliate members.

The TCA is governed by a board of directors on behalf of all members.

Three reasons to join the TCA

Get closer to vendors

The TCA will work closely with the vendor community to help vendors find the right local channel partners on a local and regional basis.

Capitalise on our research

The TCA will work closely with independent research and data providers to ensure that we have the latest insight into local and regional markets.

Share insights and experience

The TCA will act as an independent forum for the channel in EMEA to share knowledge and experience of the latest industry developments.